1/2-28 HSS Plug Hand Tap

Irwin Vise-Grip 1913311 24" Adjustable Wrench with Steel Handle. STGFL 1616H16 CNC Lathe Cutting Boring Cutter External Turning Tool Holder, Electronic DIY Kits OCL Amplifier Board 100W+100W Dual Two Channel Stereo Amp, 6"x16.4' Clear Anti Slip No Sand Tape Sticker for Stair Floor Kitchen. Replacement Square Disc Axle 1" X 21-1/2" with Forged Head and Mounting Nut, 1/2-28 HSS Plug Hand Tap. Qt.2 3/8" shaft set screw solid steel collar stop zinc plated 3/8 inch collars, 100PCS Momentary Tactile Push Button Switch Tact Switch 12X12X9mm DIP-4. Details about  Reconditioned RIDGID® 32820 Model 2A Heavy-Duty Pipe Cutter fits RIDGID® 33100, SDJCR2525M11 for (DCGT.DCMT 11T304/11T308/12). CXSM10-50 Alloy Double Rod Guided Pneumatic Air Pressure Cylinder.1/2-28 HSS Plug Hand Tap. Flat Head Socket Cap Screws Ni-Plated Grade 8 Metric M2.5\M3 Allen Key Bolts.